Therapy with Kyle

Therapy can be difficult, but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable and transformative!

I am a pragmatist with a knack for developing interpersonal power in others. I work with individuals, couples, multi-generational family systems, families with children – and I am trained and experienced in working with a wide variety of life issues.

It’s no secret that human behavior takes a lifetime to develop and changing innate or well-practiced behavior can be a complex task. With a practical and research-guided approach, I help families and individuals draw on their strengths and replicate successes, both small and large.

There is a common perception that therapy is a process of talking about the problems we face – and by talking about them, they’ll somehow go away. The research says that this is a terrible approach! People rarely access a therapist when things are going great. So while it’s true that the discovery phase of therapy is problem focused, what follows in working with me is a process of helping pay particular attention to what makes things better – sometimes in significant ways and sometimes only by degrees. My expertise is not in solving other people’s problems. My expertise is helping you utilize your expert status on you.

I utilize powerful Client-directed outcome-informed therapy (CDOI) practices in my work. Helping you incorporate this approach into our work together drives a greater therapeutic alliance and a higher success rate and is an important part of our success.


In six months’ work with Kyle, I have probably accomplished what would have taken me three times as long on my own..

Kyle is able to quickly put a situation into the proper perspective and use it as a means to moving towards your goals.

Kyle is someone you can trust to provide the kind of objective, pertinent feedback throughout the coaching process that’s necessary to ensure successful achievement of your goals.

He provides the sound, insightful advice that made a positive difference for me. Without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone in need of the coaching he provides.

I wanted a coach that was interested in discussing an action plan. I felt that his direct and to-the-point style was what I needed. The focus was on me and less on discussing theory – I liked that a lot.

Having worked with several other coaches, Kyle was better able to focus on my goals with direct results, achieving what I needed to improve the quality/success of my work and personal life.

Kyle talks to you on your own level making you comfortable to communicate. He helped me figure out my own solutions by giving me the tools to do so.

Kyle helped me to envision what I want for myself and realize the steps to achieve it. He helped my husband and me come together and understand each other like we never had in 17 years of marriage.

Kyle brought fresh perspectives to issues that weighed me down for a long time. He helps develop self awareness and an inward desire to move forward with a positive attitude. He is frank and challenging and encourages self-motivation in a non-threatening environment.

I have met with many people in the helping professions over the years and my discussions with Kyle provided more help and insight than all of the others combined. No one I previously met with was able to get to the core of my issues as quickly as he did and provide the sound insightful advice that made a positive difference for me. Without hesitation I would recommend Kyle to anyone in need of the services he provides.

Kyle helped me get to where I wanted to be with a personal touch.

Kyle is really down to earth. I feel that his message is more clear and relevant than most.

Kyle made me feel comfortable right away. He coached me to make a better and happier life for myself. He is a wonderful coach, very encouraging and compassionate, perceptive and understanding.

Kyle is professional and reliable, but fun and accessible.

Kyle provides a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere to talk and discuss things. I trust him.

My life has had dramatic change due to Kyle and his coaching skills. My friends and family have said that I am much more enjoyable to be around. I have set and achieved high goals in my personal life – more than ever before. My relationship with my child has improved tremendously.

Kyle helped me identify specific areas where I was experiencing frustration and then suggested very minor changes that ended up making a huge positive impact on my life.

He promotes a casual and relaxed environment. Kyle has never pushed an issue or been judgmental. It is very common to hear ‘Have you thought about..’ or ‘Do you think…’ in our discussions. These phrases, encouraged me to think rather than assess blame.

The coaching I receive from Kyle has taught me to look at life differently. I have corrected some bad habits and improved on the good ones. Through Kyle’s style of coaching I have developed better relationships with my parents, brothers, girlfriend, and most importantly my son. Kyle and his coaching skills have allowed my personal relationships to soar.

I highly recommend Kyle to friends. He’ll tell you what you don’t necessarily want to hear – but have to hear to move forward. However, he’ll soften the blow with a “Can Do” attitude. His approach is straight forward, casual and humorous.

I have recommended Kyle to several friends. I do not know where I would be in life without my coach. I do know that I am at a place where I like being me and I enjoy my daily life.

Kyle Williams brought our whole family back to health and happiness with his unique combination of humor and action-oriented insights.

Kyle helped me understand the simple fact that doing what makes me happy made my life much better.

Kyle had an incredibly direct and “to-the-point” way of identifying and dealing with the issues between my son and me which led to the re-establishment of a very loving and caring relationship.

Kyle is incredibly talented at giving practical and immediately useful advice on dealing with personal and interpersonal relationships. My entire family has benefited from his insight and helpful suggestions.

Unlike others who give counsel on personal issues and relationships, Kyle provides direct and forward-looking advice on how to confront and deal with such issues.

We strongly recommend Kyle’s relaxed sessions to anyone interested in working toward more complete, honest and fulfilling relationships with spouses, family members, friends and co-workers.