Client & Tools

Office Forms for your initial visit:

TREATMENT AGREEMENT AND CLIENT PROFILE - Be aware that you can read this document online, and rather than printing all 6 pages, these are the Bare Bones forms I need you to print and return to me)

INSURANCE ADDENDUM FOR TREATMENT AGREEMENT - Only required if you are using your insurance *.

*Note: There are a couple things you need to know about utilizing your insurance to see me (or any therapist): 1) using your insurance requires me to assign a medical / psychiatric diagnosis to you for coverage of treatment. We can talk about these diagnostic issues, but understand that a medical diagnosis is required for medical insurance reimbursement. 2) Per directions on the Insurance Addendum form, you will need to contact your insurance company and collect data on your policy provisions. 3) I use a service to navigate insurance billing. This may require that you communicate with my service on occasion - they are professional and confidential.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF PRIVACY PRACTICES - An acknowledgement of HIPPA practices utilized in my office

Directions to Kyle's 4th Street office - a printable map to find my office (This is included in the full version of the Treatment Agreement above.)

Tools and Links to use as you wish:

Pillars of a Balanced Life - This is a tool authored by Ben Dean of MentorCoach. It is helpful for a present snapshot of your major life arenas and for ideas about where we might start our work together.

Values in Action - Here you'll find both child and adult versions of the Values in Action Strengths Survey - a scientifically reliable and valid instrument for measuring strengths of character. Mirroring the Signature Strengths inventory from Seligman's Authentic Happiness site (below), the free Values in Action (VIA) Classification of Strengths is the first major scientific project deliberately undertaken from the perspective of positive psychology.

Emotional Intelligence - Pioneered by Daniel Goleman in his 1994 book of the same name, E.I. can be as important as I.Q. Emotional savvy can go a long way in terms of our everyday interactions and performance. Here is a valid E.I. test to find where you stand. Opt for the full results which come at a very reasonable $6.00. Queendom.comhosts this test and you'll find it on their page under "Top 5 tests"

Happiness, Life Satisfaction, and Gratitude Scales - A variety of succinct scales to assess a baseline for each of these items.

Authentic Happiness - Martin Seligman PhD, the father of the powerful new movement of Positive Psychology, has a very useful site with a dozen free online tests. Click "Questionnaires" for tests of your comparative levels of happiness, optimism, life satisfaction, gratitude, and Signature Strengths. You'll need to register, but if you opt out, you'll receive no unrequested emails from this website. Also by registering, AH will track all of the results of your assessments - you can retake them at a later date to check for changes! These questionnaires track along with Seligman's 2002 book Authentic Happiness - which was, and is, groundbreaking in terms of identifying what actually makes people happier and more satisfied. It isn't what we typically think. 100's of titles on Happiness have followed, but this is the original source.

AdvisorTeam's Temperment Sorter - Similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Test, the Temperament Sorter was created to help people gain new understanding of their traits, motivations, and behaviors. Temperament is a set of inclinations that each of us is born with; it's a predisposition to certain attitudes and actions. The Temperament Sorter examines these innate facets of personality to arrive at an integrated picture of an individual. AdvisorTeam then generates two customized reports that focus on different perspectives of personality type - the $14.95 investment in the full results is well worth your money.